Saber Stand

First ever All-in-One Saber / Customer Saber Stand, Wall, & Desk Mount

Lightsaber Mount

Saber stand

Theta Saber Mounts are proudly made in the USA. Our products are made to last by utilizing a superior patent pending design technology that will allow you to display your most prized possession with confidence. Whether it's on a table or desk, in a display case, or on a wall, you can hang the saber vertically or horizontally.  Be creative by customizing which angles work best for you and your space.

This Saber Stand, Wall, or Desk Mount Fits FX, Master-FX Replicas, and Custom Sabers.


We are not affiliated with Star Wars in anyway or any other company. All pictures are provided by consumer fan base showing personal display setups.

Please feel free to send us your own personal display.

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