The Perfect Star Wars Fan Gift

The Perfect Star Wars Gift
Invented Here!

Star Wars Lightsaber Stand Display Mounts

Gifts are super had to get for someone these days, but every now and then you find something amazing and this is one of those GIFTS. has been around now for over 2 years and have grown each year into something bigger. Star Wars Fans love that the product is 100% made in the USA right down to the lightsaber stand display mounts

The Owner is even a professional cosplayer super geek, who invented ThetaSaberMounts, because he saw everything was plastic, and in his eyes plastic does not hold up it dry rots. His love for design, classic cars, and Star Wars is what makes these Lightsaber Display Mounts Special. They are not made cheap and the weight & quality is amazing. 
The Display Mounts Fit any type of custom saber or Star Wars Lightsaber Sabers and are made out of T6061 Billet Aluminum. It's the only ALL-in-ONE Mount in the WORLD that Theta Invented to do all these things (It's a Stand, Wall, or Desk Mount). Now You can hang it anyway, sideways, in a corner, or even upside down, and only ThetaSaberMounts has it. Fits FX, Master-FX Replicas, and Custom Sabers. Theta will even talk with you person to person through email or a phone call to make sure for you. They believe customer service is built off of relationships and this is why this company is so loved around the WORLD. Lightsaber stand display mounts

We could not find anything bad about the company at all and everywhere we looked people just LOVE Take at look at what people have said over the years from some of the reviews we found online.  Hands down these are the BEST BANG for the buck and will last forever. The future of is Saber Bright! Reviews Reviews

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